Floral Kaleerein For The Choosy Brides

Kaleerein is one of the most widely used bridal accessory in India, and is considered to be very auspicious for the Indian brides. And though it’s mainly a tradition of Punjab, but now the brides from other states too love flaunting it. But simple kaleerein is not what everyone eyes’s on, and here are these floral versions of this bridal accessory which has become quite popular since quite sometime.

Single color kaleerein– If you have chosen a single color lehnga for the occasion, then you can go in for a contrast shade multilayered kaleerein in one color. Opt for a multi string long version so that it stands out.

Multi layered Jhumar style– This traditional Kaleerein style looks more pretty when done in addition with the flowers. If you have a lehnga which has floral motifs or have motifs like birds, flowers and leafs then do use this floral accessory to compliment the look.

Jhumar with floral strings– If you like delicate designs then go for this style. A gold jhumar ornamented with flowers at the top, with delicate pearl strings attached to it which finishes with single flower attachments at the end.

Floral Bracelet– Simple kaleerein looks even more interesting when accompanied by a floral bracelet. It is a complete set where real flower strings are attached to the floral bracelet.

Floral buds– If you want something fresh with the real flowers then this kaleerein style is for you. Made from real roses, you can match the colors of your lehnga with these flowers. You can also choose to wear it only on one hand unlike the traditional style of wearing it on both the hands.

The complete set– You can also go in for a complete hand set where the floral kaleerein comes with attached matching rings and bracelet.

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