Health benefits of wearing a traditional payal

Why Wearing Silver Payal Is Good For You

Indian women have a tradition of wearing payal or the silver anklet as the west knows it as a part of their tradition. It is one of the most auspicious bridal jewelry for every Hindu bride. No Hindu marriage is complete without bride being gifted this auspicious jewelry. And off course today they come in different striking and colorful designs to choose from.

But do you know that a Payal is never worn in gold material as gold is considered as a metal god, and using it on feet would be highly disrespectful. Very rarely you would see it in pure gold, something which is not recommended.

And though with time this tradition is somewhere lost and is not seen with good spirits, but there are various reasons why this accessory was made mandatory in ancient times. Nowadays someone wearing a payal to office or to her workplace would be considered as conservative, but many married women can still be seen flaunting this accessory with pride. Here are some reasons why wearing a payal was traditionally correct…..

– Metals have the power of bringing good luck and positivity to us. Likewise silver anklet too make sure that the positive energies of the body are restored while keeping you energetic and positive.

-It also helps in any king of lower body pain. So if you have been suffering with swollen feet or leg cramps or pain then do consider wearing silver anklets.

-Silver has calming properties and therefore when worn helps the wearer to stay calm and cool.

A small note to those who really love wearing this accessory but find it a bit awkward to wear it to their workplace. Well nothing beats the look of a traditional design, but if you are a working girl then there are many modern designs and patterns to choose from. You can easily find them online, especially the ones minus the ghungroo. Sleek and contemporary design will definitely make you wanting for more…….give it a try.

Image reference- Photo by Sonuj Giri on Unsplash (free for commercial use) Original source

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