Kobbari Bondam Decor Ideas For Indian Wedding

Kobbari Bondam or the decorated coconut is an auspicious and integral part of south Indian weddings. Since its so auspicious, therefore much attention is paid to make it stand out through different decoration ideas. Here are a few of them….

All stone work– Small crystals or stones can be used in different colors to carve out a pattern on the coconut. Its perfect for those who want the piece to look a bit blingy. You can also match the color of the stones with the color of your attire.

Get the names itched– You can also get the names itched on the coconut. Adding couple’s name is another way to decorate this thing.

Use mogra flowers– Jaali design in mogra flowers is something perfect for every bride. Mogra flowers are considered auspicious and using these fresh flowers to decorate the coconut will look simply alluring.

Hand painted– Hand painting is another option to explore. Simple hand painted coconuts can be further decorated with stones and beads. You can also add a few fresh flowers to further enhance the look.

Wrap it up– Or you can simply wrap the coconut in a pre-embroidered or embellished covers made of organza, tulle or silk.

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