8 Bindi Styles Which Are Perfect For Indian Bridal Look

Bindi is an essential part of the bridal look for the Indian brides. And Bindi comes in various styles and designs. You can choose from various shapes and sizes and they come in matte and gloss finish. Here are a few styles which brides to be can choose from…..

Classic Red Bindi– Nothing beats the look of a classic red bindi and therefore many brides wear this color irrespective of the color of their attire. A simple red bindi in round shape will go perfectly with most of the bridal attires.

Matching Pastels– If you are wearing a pastel shade lehnga then do match the color of the bindi with the colors in your attire. And in case if you have a single color pastel shade lehnga then match it with the pastel color which best compliments the shade.

Green Bindi– Just like the red, green is another color which goes best with Indian bridal attires. So irrespective of the colors you choose, a green bindi will always go flawlessly with all the colors.

Single stone– A single stone bindi is another option to choose from. They are available in bling colors like silver, gold and bronze but you can also go for the colored versions. Its a perfect pick for those who want something really minute and blingy to wear.

All over stone work– You can also pick up a bindi with all around stone work which is perfect to add a bit of bling to your bridal makeup.

Long kumkum bindi– If simple round bindi is not your choice, then go for personalized kumkum design like this one. Finish it with a small stonework bindi at the bottom.

Bengali kumkum bindiKumkum bindi is an essential part of the Bengali bride, so if you are looking for something really elaborate and out of the box then do try it.

Marathi moon bindi– This style looks so beautiful and is perfect for those who want to try something unique yet subtle.

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