Slay It With These Black Bindi Looks

Black bindi looks quite seductive and sassy. It is something which looks super feminine and powerful. Earlier various free hand designs were made using a black kumkum and needless to say that these designs look timeless and

Flower pattern– You can create a beautiful flower like pattern using a medium sized black bindi. At the bottom create two diagonal lines in the opposite directions, and finish the look with two small dots at the bottom.

Two dots pattern– You can create this look by mix and matching black bindi in different size, like pick a medium size and a small bindi and use them like in the picture to create a simple yet appealing look. You can also use kumkum to create this pattern.

The diamonds– Small diamond shape bindi’s are readily available in market. You can combine four of them together to create a big diamond shape bindi. You can also create this look with a stick kumkum but the shapes would be round as it would be difficult to create diamonds.

Inverted triangle look– The regular big round bindi looks completely distinctive when you add three small dots at the bottom.

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