Happy Fasting With These Body Cleansing Fasting Tips

Its said that if you want keep your body healthy and fit then you should fast atleast once a week. But many a times we tend to eat more while fasting than the regular days, which is not at all correct. So what is the best way to fast, well for this you have to understand the logic behind fasting. Fasting is recommended so that we detoxify our body. The main purpose is to clean your system, and to allow a little rest and nourish the digestive system. If you end up eating whole day and that too fried oily stuff then the whole idea of fasting goes in vain. So what should you do then, well we have a few pointers here….

Keep body hydrated– Drink lots of water….the best way to remove toxins from body is to drink lots and lots of water which will flush out all the toxins. You can drink fresh fruit juices, coconut water, buttermilk, lassi basically whatever you like.

Eat fruits– You can indulge in variety of fruits on this day. Eating fresh fruits is another great way to nourish and hydrate your body.

Eat nuts– Mixed nuts will give you instant energy and will also keep you full for long.

Avoid fried food– If you are fasting and if you really want to keep upto it, then no oily fried stuff on this day. It will attack your empty stomach and will make your system more weak.

Say no to sugar and salt– If you can skip these two things for a day then nothing like that. Or have salt in moderation once a day only.

No soda day– Remember that its also a no soda and no cold drink day for you. Also skip packaged drinks like canned juices etc on this day. You can dedicate this day to only fresh eating.

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