Delicious Recipes For Fasting

Here are few easy and mouthwatering recipes which you can try during navratri fasting. They are a treat to the taste buds and can be easily enjoyed while fasting……Happy Fasting

Sabudana khichri– It is one of the most popular dish for fasting as it fills you up for long, and also provides the basic nutrients for all day long. Start by soaking the pearls overnight and in the morning drain the water. Dry roast peanuts and crush them coarsly in a mortar, do not make a fine powder as it has to add a crunchy flavor to the dish. Now add the peanuts, sugar and salt to the drained sabudana. In a pan take some oil or ghee and add cumin seeds and chopped green chili to it, once they are done add boiled or fried potatoes and saute for few minutes. To this add sabudana and cook till the pearls become soft or translucent. Once done you can add grated coconut and lemon juice to it.

Dry fruit chaat– Take desi ghee in a pan and roast almond, cashews, makhana, raisins all separately. Now saute or fry few finely chopped potatoes, add this to the dry fruit mixture. You can also include peanuts, watermelon and musk melon seeds in this recipe if you wish to. Add black pepper and mix everything nicely. You can add salt and pomegranate seeds too, enjoy this recipe with curd.

Aloo peanut Chaat-In a pan add ghee and roast peanuts and keep aside. You can also crush them if not having whole. Cut potato cubes and saute them in some oil or ghee. Saute them on low flame and put the lid on. For a healthier option you can boil the potatoes and cut them in cubes and then follow the above procedure without the lid. But remember to keep the boiled potatoes crunchy by sauteing them on every side on low flame. Once done the potatoes will have golden brown marks on them. Add black pepper and saute for 1 more minute. Mix peanuts with this, you can also add green chilies if you are adding salt to this recipe. Enjoy this with curd, if having alone add a dash of lemon juice for the tangy flavor.

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