4 Healthy Coconut Water Drinks For Summers

We all know the benefits of coconut for overall well being and health. Its excellent for body, skin and hair, but having plain coconut water every time makes it a little boring at times. So here are a few recipes which will make having this health drink more delicious for you. You can even serve these healthy recipes to your guests as a welcome drink or use it for your cocktail parties….

Coconut water refresher– Add few springs of mint, 1 thinly sliced lime, few pieces of cucumber, ginger root and juice of a lemon in a jar or a pitcher. Fill the pitcher with fresh coconut water and let the mix sit for 3-4 hours so that all the flavors blend in easily. Serve cold with or without ice.

Coconut lemonade– In a pitcher add crushed ginger root and springs of crushed mint leaves. To this add 1 cup coconut water, salt, sugar, lemon juice and give it a nice stir so that everything is nicely mixed. lastly add 1 bottle of plain soda for a refreshing lemonade. You can also mix puree of the fruit of your choice, or little bit of fruit juice to add a fruity flavor to your lemonade.

Coconut fruit punch– In a blender take 1 cup chopped pineapple and 1 cup chopped mango and turn it into a puree. In a citrus fruit juicer take out the juice of an orange and then mix it with the puree of the other fruits. Dilute this mix in 1 cup coconut water, or you can even add more depending on the kind of consistency you want. You can also add a bit of coconut milk to this recipe to make it a little thick and creamy or enjoy it as is.

Slush– If you enjoy having slushe’s then replace the ice with coconut water ice cubes to make the slush of your choice. Or you can simply blend in cold coconut water with the frozen fruit.

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