Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil

You must have seen many people using coconut oil for most of their beauty needs. We often use it as a hair oil and beauty oil for face and skin. But it has amazing health benefits too. Down in southern India people even cook food in this oil as coconut is found in abundance there. It is considered as a very useful product for hair, skin and is also good for internal use. Though it has 90% saturated fat, but it is not harmful as it is easily converted to energy and does not changes and accumulates as fat in heart and arteries. It is a main ingredient in various beauty products like shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, soaps, and cooking oil etc. Here are few benefits of using coconut oil….

Hair care– It is good in promoting hair growth and also helps in retaining natural shine and smooth texture of hair. Hair becomes rough after it loses protein content, therefore promoting hair fall too. Coconut oil provides protein to the hair and makes it soft and silky. Therefore it is also used as a natural conditioner.

Skin Care– Since coconut oil is high on antioxidants, therefore its use for skin and application helps in anti aging properties. It is a good and natural moisturizer for the skin and does not has any side effects. It is also good in skin infections.

Dental & Bone Care– Coconut oil helps in absorption of calcium, therefore makes the bones healthier and stronger, as calcium is the main component for healthier bones.

Weight loss– Its rarely seen people using coconut oil being fat and obese. Its because it does not accumulates fat and therefore is beneficial in weight loss too. It is beneficial in cutting abdominal fat too. By this it means that it is better than other oil. But that does not mean that you should use only one type of oil. Try using different oils after a period of time for maximum nutrient intake.

Immunity and Digestion– It also strengthens the immune system as it has antimicrobial and anti fungal properties and helps protecting from various diseases. It is also low in calories and therefore light on stomach, its certain properties help in digestion too.

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