Remember These Beauty Care Tips For Holi

Holi is a festival of fun and energy, but there are few things which we should take care, otherwise the chemicals present in the colors can really ruin our skin and hair.

Here are few tips to keep one safe from them…..

– Oil your hair nicely, an extra coat of oil wouldn’t be bad as it will protect the chemicals present in the colors to enter your scalp and roots by providing a protective layer. Coconut oil is good or you can use any good oil otherwise.

– Also do not leave your hair loose, try braiding them up or just make them into a bun to avoid color to penetrate to your scalp. A well tied hairdo will help the color to stick to the top and disable them to penetrate through, to damage the scalp and roots. You can also cover your hair by wearing a bandana.

– Apply a good greasy moisturizer, coconut oil or mustard oil all over the body and face to avoid any direct contact with the holi colors. Colors available in the market have harsh and harmful chemicals which can do some serious damage to the skin. So its better to keep the skin protected beforehand.

– Nails should be protected too, otherwise they take the color and get stained which is hard to clean afterwards. Apply nail paint for protection which you should take off by cleaning it with a nail paint remover after the holi celebrations are done. Nail paint will form a protection layer on them and avoid the chemicals to pass through. The oil which you will put all over will ensure that the cuticles are also protected.

– Wear loose comfortable clothing so that you could enjoy the festival to the fullest. Tight body clinging clothes when get wet become unbearable to wear for long time. On the contrary loose clothes dry easily.

– Wear comfortable footwear like slippers or any flat and open footwear which will keep the feet dry for a longer time. Also flats will help you to roam around easily.

– No makeup is needed to soak in colors but if you are a kajal or a kohl person, then make sure that its waterproof otherwise it will smudge a lot.



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