These Simple DIY Hair Oil Recipes Will Make You Drop Purchasing Store Bought Bottles

We have a very rich medicinal background where Ayurveda and traditional recipes solve most of the problems around us. Why we say this, well because now most of us are looking back to our roots and finding answers from our ancient herbal and medicinal practices. Our age old beauty tips work flawlessly for most of us and therefore this article is about traditional hair oil recipes which most of you will find interesting. Here they are…

Coconut oil and curry leaves– This oil can be called a magic portion as it really helps in making your hair smooth, strong and thicker. It is an all rounder oil which takes cares of most of the major hair problems. In a pan take coconut oil, few strands of curry leaves, onion seeds or kalonji, methi dana or fenugreek seeds, few leaves of hibiscus plant and a few hibiscus flowers. Cook all this on low flame together and let everything cook nicely. You will know that the oil is ready when the things put in will start to brown. Let the oil cool down before straining it.

Coconut and castor oil– If you are eyeing on having thick and strong hair then do use castor oil in your hair care regime. Castor oil is a magic oil which will help your hair from further damage. Castor oil has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which makes it an excellent thing to use if you are facing dandruff problem. It also hydrates and moisturizes the scalp so if you are facing problem related to hair fall or dandruff or even itchy scalp then do try this oil. It will make your hair smooth and shiny and give it a new life and growth. Mix castor oil with equal part of coconut oil and that’s it. You can even add a few drops of jojoba oil which is said to be great for hair growth.

Coconut, neem and amla– This oil is great for those who want to strengthen the hair while fighting dandruff at the same time. Take coconut oil and add dried amla and neem leaves to it and cook till done. Once the oil cools strain and enjoy its benefits.

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