Keep Your Skin Glowing With These Face Packs

It’s Karva Chauth today, a festival widely celebrated in North India. Married women keep this fast for the well being and longevity of their husbands though in few families it is also kept by unmarried girls for their future husbands. Its a festival of joy, and every women wants to look her best this day. Mehndi is applied on hands and the best of the outfits and jewelry are worn on this day. Women also prepare days ahead for this festivals by engaging into several beauty tips. Here are few packs which will help you to have a glorious skin instantly for today. So follow one of them and see the glow on your face for the day long….

Honey, sugar crystals and lemon– This mixture is a multipurpose thing and acts like an excellent scrub and skin polishing agent. Sugar crystals remove the dead skin, lemon helps in achieving an even tone and also acts as a deep pore cleanser, and hone in the end moisturizes the skin. This pack is helpful for achieving a blemish free even skin tone.

Milk and Rice scrub– This mixture is helpful in bringing a glow to the skin instantly. Mix rice powder with milk and make a paste like thing. Apply this on face and message gently, this will remove the dead cells and increase the blood circulation.

Papaya pack– Take few pieces of papaya and mash it, mix honey and apply this all over face and neck. Wash off when it dries up. Yo can also add rose water and aloe vera gel for easy mixing.

Lemon Soda mask for blackheadsBaking soda removes the dead skin and lemon takes out the dirt from the skin. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a few drops of lemon, and apply this over your nose. Gently scrub and leave it for few minutes, wash off and apply little ice to close the open pores.

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