Face and skin care routine for monsoon

Monsoon brings its own share of skin and health problems. The skin suddenly becomes more prone to acne and breakouts and feels more sticky and oily. Therefore it’s very important to take extra care of your skin in this season to make it maintain its glow and luster. And these are a few tips to follow…

-First of all drink lots and lots of water. You cannot cut down on fluid intake just because you don’t feel thirsty more frequently. Measure and drink lots of fluids like water, green tea, fresh fruit juices etc.

-Cut down on caffeine. Believe it or not caffeine is not good for body and will definitely have some or the other negative impact on your skin. You know what we mean.

-Monsoon means craving for fried snacks like samosa’s and pakora’s and its completely fine to eat them. Just make sure that you don’t eat fried food frequently.

-Depending on your skin type and lifestyle, choose to wash your face with a mild cleanser which gently cleanses the skin without striping it off its natural moisture.

-You can also keep a rose water bottle handy in your purse and whenever you feel sticky and oily simply spray some on your face and clean with a wet tissue.

-Remember to follow the three beauty steps diligently, Cleanse-Scrub-Moisturize. Since monsoon can really clog your pores with pollution, dirt and oil, its important to unclog the pores and let them breathe for a healthy skin.

-Go for natural home made face packs twice a week. And if your skin is not dry then using Multani Mitti face packs in monsoon is the best bet for you.

-Also avoid using heavy moisturizers and cream during monsoon as it can clog your pores. A light moisture will help you to do the trick.

-Last but a very important point is to increase your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C makes your skin look younger and brighter and there is no substitute to it. Include natural stuff in your diet like oranges, strawberries, Kiwi, broccoli, etc which are a good source of Vitamin C.

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