How to take care of skin in monsoon

Keep Your Skin Glowing In Monsoon Season With These Easy Steps

Monsoon brings its own shares of advantages and disadvantages. Though the rains give a quick relief from the hot summery days, but then there are a lot of skin, hair and health problems in this season as bacteria and infections spread easily in monsoon. Similarly acne outburts, dull and oily skin are all a very common thing in this season and this is how we can fight them….

Drink lots of water– This one trick can help solve your major skin and health problems. Removing toxins from inside is the very first rule to achieve flawless skin and good health in any season.

Clean thoroughly– Since oil glands are most active during this season, make sure that you clean your face thoroughly with a mild face wash and cold water twice or thrice a day depending on your need and lifestyle. Like if you are out in sun, rain and dirt then the skin will attract a lot of pollution, grime, sweat and dust which means you will have to do the washing step more often than regular. But don’t use a harsh face wash as it can ruin your skin further by making it feel dry and chappy.

Avoid makeup– It is recommended to go for a minimal or a no makeup during this season. Makeup clogs the skin pores which can be really harmful for the skin and can lead to acne outbursts. Let the skin and the pores breathe freely for a good skin health.

Use a mud mask– If you have oily skin then multani mitti face mask is a blessing for you. It does wonders on oily skin, plus it also helps in minimizing open pores. Use multani mitti twice a week on you face and you will be amazed with the results.

Do not forget the daily regime– This is the time of the year when you must follow the basic beauty regime with heart. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing should be a part of daily routine and should be done before going to bed at night. Also do not forget to scrub off the dead skin once a week for better results.

Watch your diet– Digging into fried samosa’s and pakora’s is super easy and off course not so easy to resist in this season. But watch out, as too much of oily stuff can result in acne outbursts and result in other skin problems. And no we are not saying that you shouldn’t have them at all, but do keep a watch as nothing is bad if consumed in limits.

Similarly do not consume too much of tea and coffee. Instead opt for fresh seasonal fruit juices and dig into fresh fruit chaat. Keep your diet simple with easy home cooked food and refrain from eating outside as the infections are at peak in this season.

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