Natural face cleanser

3 Natural Face Cleansers

Facial skin is very delicate and taking a good care is very essential as it has to go through so much dirt and pollution everyday.

But how about using natural cleansers instead of chemicals.

Here are few natural ingredients which can help you cleaning the skin to the core naturally….

Yogurt– Since it has lactic acid it is great as a cleanser. You can use plain curd to naturally clean and detoxify the skin. Take it in a bowl and beat it properly so that there are no lumps. Apply it allover the face and neck and massage gently. Leave it for few minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Since it has fatty acids, it will also moisturize the skin while cleaning it from core. You can also add lemon juice to curd to make the mask more pleasant.

Honey and lemon– It not only cleanses but also moisturizes the skin at the same time. We all know that honey has great moisturizing properties but it is also suitable for every skin type.

So irrespective of the skin type you can use it as a natural cleanser and moisturizer. After washing the face with water apply honey all over the face with wet hands. Massage and clean after it dries. You can add lemon with it if you have excessive oily skin, lemon will remove dirt and oil traces from the pores and will also help lighten the skin. If you have dry skin then nothing like using honey as it moisturizes the skin deeply while cleaning it which other chemicals cant do.

Apple cider vinegar– An amazing beauty product, ACV is good for skin and hair in every sense. Like lemon it cleanses the skin to the core and also helps in tightening the pores. It maintains the ph levels of the skin and also helps in acne problems. Mix ACV with equal part of water and apply all over the face using a cotton. Wash after 15-20 minutes.


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