5 Nail Art Design For Valentine

Valentines day is arriving and many of us plan things in prior for this day, and why not as this is a special day to celebrate love.

Dressing up nicely is a part of planning and how about getting a nail art done specially for this occasion.

Here are five interesting design ideas to try….

Heartbeat– This can be easily done with a french manicure and is apt for the day.

In fact use a transparent nail base as this will provide the finish and shine to do the design in red on the top.Use red nail color for the heartbeat to make it stand out.

Hearts– Valentine day is known for love and what can be better than expressing it through hearts. You can use heart motifs on the nails to show your love. Looks great over french manicure or you can even get it done with a shade of your own choice. Remember to use a light base for nails so that the hearts can be done in contrast shades. Choose more than one color to make the design more appealing.

Go matte– So valentine does not mean to paint the nails in glossy colors but matte shades provide a perfect base for so many designs for this occasion. If you are choosing a darker color then we suggest to go for matte finishes this time and you can create designs with the glossy ones on the top. Hearts done in white over the darker shades look appealing.

Show LOVE– How about saying it simply in words, heart and words make this design an interesting choice to try this valentine.

Key to your heart– If you love glitter, then try this pattern. This design with a key and a heart is what your love needs to unlock this valentine.


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