Its Valentine’s Day So Say It Loud With Red Hearts On Your Nails!

Valentine’s day is approaching and if you are a die heart fan of nail art then this is the occasion to try something new!

Nail art dedicated to the day of love is really worth trying specially if you are planning something special on this day. And though there are many designs which you can try but the ones where you can include red hearts is truly special. After all its a day of love and red color right!

Paint fingertips in red– Red hearts painted on fingertips is the simplest design we guess which can make your nail design to stand out. Paint your nails with a transparent or any nude shade for the base and paint red hearts on the top.

Half half design– Combination of light pink and nude shade is best suited for a romantic feel. So a design like this where you can paint nails in half half using these shades is a great idea. Paint red hearts at the center to make it valentine’s day special design.

Contrast shade design– This one is super simple! Pick two shades, a red and any other color which compliments red. Paint your nails in these shades and use heart motif on the top of the lighter shade to pop up.

French Manicure– French manicure is the best nail art for those who like to keep things simple. To make things more special use a powder pink shade to do French nails instead of white. Use heart motif on one finger to make it look gorgeous.

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