5 Ways To Do Your Nails For Today’s Christmas Party!

Happy Christmas to all!

So if you are planning to go out for a Christmas party today and still haven’t figured out what to do special then we have a simple and easy idea for you. Well to look different simply paint your nails best suited to the occasion. So here are a few Christmas inspired nail art designs which you can easily make at home. Have a look…..

French nails– If you love clean and sophisticated designs then going for simple French nails is the best idea. French nails will give your Christmas designs a perfect background to show aloud.

Reindeer glitter– A Reindeer resembles cold weather and the festive season all around. So using a motif similar to it will definitely be a good choice to go forward. Use similar shades or colors from the same family to create the design and don’t forget to use glitter nail paint to highlight your nails.

Santa cap– These cute little caps on your nails are definitely going to be a hit at today’s party. It’s super easy to make so do try it. And though you can use any color to paint this design but using red and white will be an apt choice to go forward.

Christmas tree– Simple painted nails can be highlighted in a Christmas tree pattern made with glitter paint. This is one of the most easiest Christmas nail design idea which is super easy to make as well.

Use appropriate colors– If you are not a fan of creating motifs on nails then using just a mix of colors like red, white and green will be enough to give you a festive feel. You can create simple dot patterns like in the picture, or paint nails in a mix of these colors.

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