This Valentine’s Day Wear Your Heart Out With These Interesting French Manicure Designs

Valentine’s day nail art is definitely a must try thing to celebrate the day of love. And for those who don’t like to go for loud and bizarre designs, we have something in store for you. You can mix valentine’s day nail art with french manicure and believe us, the results will be full of grace and elegance. Have a look….

Make your heart stand out– You can have one highlighted finger in your French nails, where the red color heart stands out against the white backdrop.

Use stones– You can also use nice crystals and beads to highlight your valentine’s day nails.

Irregular designs for the tips-Go for different shapes to highlight the tips of your nails, and use heart shape motifs to go with it.

Half heart shapes-The tips of the french manicure nails can also be done in a shape like this to celebrate the day of love.

Positive negative– Use positive negative design idea to highlight the heart shape.

Highlighting the tips– You can also paint small heart shape motifs to highlight the tips of the nails.

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