5 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas For The Ones Who Want To Keep It Simple

Nail art is one thing which everyone can indulge into just to feel special during valentine’s day celebration. Whether you are in a relationship or not, well it really doesn’t matters, as you get your nails done for your happiness, to enjoy the mood of the celebration and to soak in the feeling of love. But if you are not much into this art, then we have a few very simple and basic design inspirations which will tempt you to give it a try this valentine.

Wear your heart out– Well its valentine, so you cannot escape flaunting your heart out and it applicable even for your nail art. Choose a finger and polish it in nude matte shade. Now simply use two or three different nail shades to paint heart shapes.

Go for stripes– Stripes are catchy and hence they make your nail art look strikingly visible. Simply paint the ring finger nail in a nude or white shade before going for the rest of the design.

Love is lifeline– Yes we all know this, but how about showing it through nail art. Fuse heart motif with a lifeline for this nail art which has a simple and sweet message for your partner.

Go colorful– Who said that valentine’s day is only about red color, well its not Christmas you know. Pick any color which you like and paint your heart in that color.

French Manicure– If you want to keep it subtle and easy then how about going for a french manicure where you can show your heart like this.

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