Waterproof Your Regular Makeup For Monsoon

Weighing down your skin under numerous layers of makeup is never a good idea untill and unless you do it occasionally. But there are few makeup essentials which you need everyday and piking them according to the season is very very necessary. Here are few makeup tricks which will help you look perfect during monsoon.

Less is more– Remember this formula and you will never go wrong. Let the pores breathe by using minimal makeup during monsoon. Keeping the skin clean is the utmost necessity during this season as most of the skin problems arise during this time. Use makeup only when necessary.

Use waterproof Liner and mascara or use a Topcoat– You definitely don’t want to be seen with your black liner and mascara pouring down the eyes in rain. Therefore invest in good branded eye makeup products as they will save you from such embarrassing moments. You can try Lakme’ iconic kajal stick and colorbar Precision waterproof liquid eyeliner and Maybelline New York Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara. You can also use a waterproof topcoat like NYX Proof It Waterproof Mascara Topcoat over your regular mascara to seal and prevent it from washing out in rain.

Use gel nail color– Nail paints in this season chip off easily and you definitely cannot keep on changing it every now and then, therefore switch to gel nail paints for this season as they tend to stay for longer period.

Use matte lipsticks– Creamy and glossy lip colors can bleed easily. You can switch to waterproof matte shades which will stay for long hours and won’t smudge easily.

Use water based moisturizer– Heavy cream based formula’s can really weigh down your skin and will also block the pores which is a complete no. Switch to light water based moisturizers which penetrate down the skin easily, without showing greases of oil at the top.

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