Darken Your Mehndi Color With These Easy Steps

Its heartbreaking to find out that the mehndi which you applied to your hands haven’t produced the desired color even after keeping it for a while. Well it wont be the same if you follow these steps….

Wash your hands before starting– Washing your hands thoroughly with soap ensures that there are no layers of oil or cream on the hands. Greasy hands can stop the color penetration and therefore washing them nicely before starting the design is advisable.

Apply eucalyptus oil– The mehndi artist applies it before starting the design. But if possible arrange a pure version of this oil for yourself and rub it all over the hands.

Lemon and sugar water– Sugar helps in keeping the heena design intact and the lemon helps in darkening the dye color. Mix sugar and lemon juice to little water and mix nicely. Once the sugar dissolves completely dab this solution all over the heena design with the help of a cotton ball. Remember not to make this connotation runny otherwise it will keep dripping off your hands. Repeat this process 2-3 times before scrapping of the heena.

Cloves steam– This tried and tested method helps the mehndi color to come up instantly. Once you are done with the above mentioned process, wait for 20-25 minutes and head towards doing this process. Heat a tawa or a pan preferably an iron one, on the gas and throw few pieces of cloves on it. Once they heat up, carefully place your hands over them and let the hands take the steam coming from them. Cloves have hot consistency and therefore help in getting a dark heena color.

Give some time– Let the design sit for a good 8-12 hours to produce desired results. You can also leave it overnight and do not use dryer or any other stuff to dry up the mehndi faster.

Do not use water- Never wash your henna applied hands with water, scarp off the design gently with the back off a spoon and apply a balm or mustard oil. Once you have kept the design like this for half an hour you can wash it off with water then, but remember not to use soap.

Apply Balms– Lastly don’t forget to apply balm like Vicks all over the design once you scarp off the design. These balms helps in achieving a dark color tone.

Apply heena beforehand– Heena color is at its best after 1-3 days of its application. So plan accordingly.

Image by Irshad Rahimbux from Pixabay (Free For Commercial Use) Image Source

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