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Beauty mistakes which should be stopped ASAP

Our everyday life is so hectic, that many a times we do not think about the common mistakes we make everyday. Likewise their are some beauty mistakes which most of us make, while we are thinking that its good we never realize that these habits are actually proving out to be harmful than useful.

Too much love for Nailpaints– Many girls love to paint their nails so regularly that they are covered almost everytime. Getting a nail art done or putting up that latest color for the party is Ok but it can actually be harmful if you are one of those who cannot be seen without nail paints. It is seen that over the period of time, the nails turn yellow because of the harsh chemicals present in the paints. Also their could be lack of adequate oxygen supply.

Using Sanitizer more often– Using sanitizer is a very good habit as it kills germs in a situation where there is no soap and water. We face this situation every now and then. But it is not good to use it even when you do not need it. The alcohol present in it makes our skin dry and flaky. It does the same to the nails too.

Using too much heat treatments for hair– Be it steaming or a hot towel pack, or a hot straightening appliance, each one of them are dangerous for the health of your hair. It can severely damage the outer layer of hair by absorbing its natural moisture, making them dry, rough, brittle and weak. One should not use even water which is too hot to shampoo your hair. Lukewarm water is best for hair.

Using conditioner like a shampoo– Most of us do not know that a conditioner should not be put on the roots. A conditioner is very good for the health of the hair but it is equally harmful for the roots. Take the conditioner in your fingertips and run it all over your hair and tips leaving the roots.

Shampooing too much– Too much love for shampooing can be dangerous too. The chemicals present in them makes your hair deprived of the natural moisture making them looks damaged and weak.

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