Routine Hair Regime to follow for Healthy Hair

Massaging – Massage your hair regularly as it increases blood circulation resulting in healthy hair growth. Also do not massage too hard, the pressure of the fingers should be light, otherwise there are chances that you damage the roots. Massage can be with oil or without oil but do not miss it.

Oiling – Oiling is very necessary to keep your hair healthy. You should choose your oil depending the kind of hair you have. For Dry hair, Avocado, Olive, sesame, mustard, jojoba, almond and even coconut oil are good, likewise rosemary or lavender, olive, sesame, jojoba are good for oily hair. Tea Tree oil is good for dandruff hair. Massage your hair with oil for best results.

Steaming – Steaming is yet another important part. After oiling try to steam your head and hair for the oil to penetrate deeper. Do not steam for long, a good 5-7 minutes are enough, or it will weaken up the roots. If you have a steamer well and good, if you don’t have it then try the hot towel steam by dipping the towel in hot water and then wring the excess water, use it immediately and wrap it around your head. The steam inside the towel will be locked for oil to penetrate deep.

Cleaning – Choose a right shampoo according to your hair type for cleansing. Every hair type needs different shampoos. There are various products available separately for the Dry, Oily, Combination and Dandruff free hair. A light shampoo is preferred for hair, as a Hard shampoo makes the hair brittle and dry, by taking away their moisture.

Conditioning – After a good hair care regime, a last thing left to do is to apply a good conditioner while they are still wet. But remember never apply it to the roots. Take little conditioner on your palm and spread it on your fingers and use it to cover your entire hair, leaving just the roots.

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