Hun Bun- Style Of The Moment

Hun means half, and therefore this styles shows half bun styles, where half of the hair is tied at the top part of the head, and the rest are kept free. A mix of casual and comfortable style, this look is simple yet stylish and most of the celebs are trying it out. From Bollywood to Hollywood everyone can be seen doing one. Its street smart look which you can try with almost everything…. Here are few styles and looks….


The Braided Hun Style– This stylist hairdo can be tried by simply braiding the front part from both the sides, and then eventually tying them up as a bun.


The simple Hun Bun– The simple and the original HUN-BUN. Take the amount of hair you want for your bun and tie it up nicely, leaving the rest of the hair loose.


Hun Bun For Curly Hair– If you think that this style is only for straight hair then you are mistaken. It looks great on curly hair too. You can also choose the height of your half bun. Some prefer it standing too high, whereas some prefer it low, like in the picture. Choose in which you are comfortable.


The Twisted Hun Bun– Bored of a plain, simple bun, then try this twisted variation. Pull the hair in the middle from both the sides and create a twisted pattern like this.


Hun Bun for Short Hair– This is the most stylish avatar for short hair and front fringes I guess. It looks all stylish and classic.


We have celebs too flaunting this new avatar


Sonam Kapoor in middle parting Hun Bun


Alia Bhatt in classic Hun Bun


And who said that it it only for women, Male celebs are flaunting it too…..


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