right way of cleaning fruits and vegetables before storing them

Right way to clean fruits and vegetables before storing them

Its always recommended to first wash your fruits and vegetables properly before storing them in your fridge or kitchen slab. Washing helps in reducing the germs present on the surface by at least 60-75 percent, which is actually a lot. This habit of washing the stuff also helps in keeping the fridge germ free. Here are a few ways to clean your fruits and vegetables…

Soak in water– After you are done washing the veggies and fruits in running water, soak them in a deep vessel for about 30 minutes. Then give them a quick rinse with clean water and pat dry with a clean cloth before storing in fridge.

Baking powder– You can also use a little bit of baking powder in the water to soak your veggies and fruits. Baking powder will ensure to kill the germs from the surface, but using it will also bring in a slight change in the taste of the food. So once you are done soaking, give the stuff a good rinse under running water for the traces of the soda to wash off.

Salt and turmeric– Immerse your washed veggies and fruits in a water solution made by adding salt and turmeric. Salt and turmeric will kill most of the germs and therefore you should soak the eatables in this solution for 20-25 minutes. Remember to buy stuff in small batches so that you consume the soaked things in like a day or two, as soaking the things in water for long will decrease the longevity of the veggies.

Vinegar– It is one of the most effective germ killer. Mix 1 part vinegar with 4 parts water and let your veggies sit in this water to kill the germs. Again vinegar will change the taste a bit so try using the stuff as soon a possible.

Leafy vegetables– You can simply wash them in running water and thereafter dip them in cold water with little salt. Keep for 10-12 minutes and rinse again.

Carrots and potatoes– You can use a scrubber to scrub off the dirt while washing them. Dry them properly before storing.

Cabbage-Wash and remove the outer leafs of the cabbage and simply wash the leftover cabbage with plain water.
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