Benefits of storing water in clay pots for summers

Benefits Of Using Clay Pots For Storing Water

We all know that drinking water stored in fridge brings in a lot of health issues. Water cooled in fridge is also a great threat to your general well being as it directly hits your digestive system, making it weak day by day. When you drink cold water stored in fridge, your body gets a temperature shock and therefore you get ill easily. Well, thanks to cold,cough and fever which accompanies and worsens the situation. So what is the substitute, well the fact that using an earthen pot for drinking water helps in keeping the body healthy is a good reason to buy one for your family. Find out why you should drink water stored in earthen pots…..

Natural cooler– A clay pot is an excellent natural water cooler. While the fridge water may lead to sore throat, the water saved in a clay pot keeps the water cool naturally, making it perfect to be consumed without harming the body.

Adds minerals and nutrients– Unlike the machine water, water stored in clay pots continuously works towards making itself more better for consumption. While in storage, clay pots adds minerals and vitamins to the water and hence transfer the same nutrients to your body when consumed.

Maintains ph level of body– The moment you start consuming water stored in clay pots, your body starts reacting in a positive way. You will see many of your digestive and stomach related issues settling up in a short span of time. This is because clay is alkaline and human body is acidic in nature. When you store water in clay pot, the water stored absorbs the properties of the clay and hence when you drink this water the akaline in the water and acid in the body react to produce a perfect ph level in the body.

Metabolism booster– Drinking water from clay pots also helps in boosting metabolism and therefore you do not become ill too often.

It’s sustainable– The best part of using a clay pot is that it is sustainable. You can change the pot every season and it won’t even harm the environment as its highly degradable. Also it won’t add to your electricity bill. Well what more can you ask for.

But remember to buy a clay pot from authentic sources who sell real clay pots. Also do not buy the pots which are glazed and shiny, but go for the natural matte ones instead as they are more authentic.

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