Sip It The Right Way Do not Overdrink Water

Water is an essential part of a human body.

It is one of the best things to happen to your body as it cleanses and nourishes the body at the same time.

But here are some demerits of consuming too much water at the wrong time, which you should know.

Here are some of them……

  • Consuming water after having meals is the worst thing to do. After your meal when your body is digesting the food and creating heat and energy to digest the food, the water intake cools down that heat and energy, resulting in indigestion.
  • Consuming cold water after having meals also converts the oil content present in the food into fat. If need have a little hot water to help digestion.
  • People who consume more tea, coffee, cold drinks or drinks having caffeine should have more water as the presence of caffeine lowers downs blood levels, in order to decrease the presence of it you should consume more water, otherwise too much water intake can have an adverse effect on your digestive system by weakening it.
  • In routine too, one should not have cold water, as it prevents the melting of the fat in the body.
  • In summers do not consume water immediately after coming from outside, wait for 5 -10 minutes so that your body temperature becomes normal to consume comparatively cold water. Consuming cold water in this situation immediately can give you headaches.
  • Also when outside sip in your water rather than gulping it at one go. This keeps you hydrated in a right way.

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