Simple Ways To Stay Healthy In Summers

Its burning hot outside! In Delhi the temperature crossed 50 a few weeks before and needless to say that it was beyond human body acceptance level. With such rising temperature levels its necessary to make a few lifestyle changes to survive and to keep yourself healthy. Here are a few tips….

Drink Plenty of water– Needless to say that keeping your body hydrated is the first step to win the battle against summers. Drink plenty of filtered water, but stay away from the water kept in the fridge. Instead buy an earthen pot, fill it with water and keep in a room which is comparatively cool in your house. Or you can even keep it at a place where mostly AC is working. It will keep the earthen pot more cooler than the normal. Apart from providing cool water, earthen pot is said to pass on the minerals and nutrients to the water kept in it which we generally loose in the process of filtration. Now this makes it an absolute must have at every home.

Cut down on sodas, sugar, caffeine– We have such a rich cuisine that every season has its own recipe and summers is the best time to cut down on chai and coffee. Its best to have healthy cooling drinks instead to have caffeine which makes your system even more dry. Replace these unhealthy items with refreshing drinks like Nimboo pani, chanch, sattu, kokum water, aam panna, coconut water and many more.

Eat home cooked healthy meals– In summers food goes stale after one meal and often gets spoiled, therefore its always safe to eat homecooked fresh meals. Its also a good idea to avoid heavy or oily food and to keep meals as light as possible. Seasonal vegetables like bottle guard, ridge guard, cucumbers should be eaten then most. And fruits rich in water content like watermelon, muskmelon, litchi will be a treat for your taste buds.

Alcohol– Alcohol in any quantity is harmful for the body but even if you want to have it then its your choice. But what you can do is to cut down on the overall quantity to save your body getting dehydrated.

Exercise– Exercising will keep your body charged up and energetic. We often feel lethargic in summers and exercise is the best way to stay fit all day.

Plant trees– Whether home plants or big trees, plant more and more trees. Plants will give you mental peace and will keep you joyful. Needless to say how important growing useful trees and plants are for the future generation.

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