4 Unique Heena Designs Which Anyone Can Make Quickly

Lets suppose that you love heena, and do not miss a chance to apply mehndi designs on your hands. But at times when you don’t have anyone to apply heena and you are running out of time then what!. Well take help of this guide, as here you will see some really quick to make designs which are beautiful enough to fill your hands. Have a look!

Half flower pattern– This design can be described as a half flower pattern and you can create this all over the hands. It also resembles the bindi design which we prepare from kumkum.

Phool design– How unique this is…… who says that you can’t create pretty motifs quickly. Well anyone can make this right.

Booti design– Anyone who loves Indian textiles will easily relate to this booti design. You can fill up the empty space in between the bootis with small dots.

Lotus motifs– We all have been taught how to draw lotus since we were children. Well its time to use the teachings now! You can make small lotus motifs all over like this and use simple lines to fill the fingers.

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