Stay Cool With These Stylish Beach Hats

Hats not only look super stylish but it also gives protection from direct sunlight.

It is also a must have accessory for a beach vacation where you are more prone to getting a tan.

But more than this what makes having it more special is the fact that you can click gorgeous pictures while putting it on, and fill your Instagram posts with those lovely pictures.

Here are few inspiring styles for your next beach vacation…

Curved Floppy hat– They come in different shapes and sizes but the one with broad and curved rims is an idle choice for a beach vacation.

Straw hats with bow details– Straw hats are perfect for beach vacations as they don’t get wet easily and dry out sooner than the fabric ones. Large sized floppy hats is one of the best style to pick for a vacation and nothing like having a bow detailing on them. Also bow adds a feminine touch which looks apt for a beach vacation.

Lettered hatsSpeak your heart out with these cute lettered beach hats. They come with different quote’s written on them which tells the world that you are off duty and are on a vacation mode.

Striped hat– If you wish to use a different pattern then striped hats in contrast colors look super cool on the beaches. Since its white and blue everywhere because of the sand and the water, a striped hat in a contrast color makes it an idle piece for beaches.

Crochet sun hat– If you want a textured hat then this one is for you. Crochet detailing adds a nice texture to the hat and looks super cool. You can also tie your scarf around the rim for a breezy look, and take it out as and when needed.

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