Barefoot Sandals or Accessories

Barefoot sandals are more popular among the brides headed for a beach wedding, as it is easier to walk around in the sand wearing them. Though you can also try wearing them as a foot accessory with your regular footwear. They come in several designs and can be done in any color, white is a favorite though. Here are few styles to choose from……

Crystal- If you want a complete jeweled look, then this design set in crystals of different shapes and sizes is great for you. It looks great with any wedding gown or dress because of it’s shine.

Rainbow Crystals and stones– Well if you want a colorful look for them, then a piece set in rainbow crystals and stones is the best option. stones in different shapes like oblong, round etc are used for a funkier look.

Pearl Effect– If a delicate look is needed, then there is nothing better than the pearls. Pearls in different sizes are used to create a pattern like this. Pearls in different colors can also be set instead of plain white.

Wear it differently– Not necessarily it has to be worn at the center, but you can always wear it on your last finger for a different look too.

Embroidered Lace– A patterned lace fabric embroidered in different pearls, stones and sequence looks awesome for any party or wedding. They can be either high or low, like either till ankle or mid calf, choice is your’s. If you are wearing a short dress then high length will work and vice versa. It can also be done with tie ups or without them.

The Indian style– The traditional Payal or anklet designs are done in this style and is a special jewelry style in traditional Indian Jewelry. One can try this for an Indian touch.

Tie ups– A simple design with tie up details makes it more special for a beach wedding or just otherwise too.

Chain it up– A multi string chain design is further highlighted with crystal band.

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