Accessories Trend

There are many of us who love accessories more than clothes. So this trend alert is for them… Have a look for all that is in trend in accessories below.

Over-sized Earrings– Big, Bold and eye catchy earrings are in nowadays. Choose a bold pair of earrings instead of pairing numerous accessories at one time. Wearing just them will complete your look and will give a classy and bold statement to the overall look.

Aviator 80’s Style– Remember the big, bold and colorful glasses from 70’s and 80’s. Well its time to adopt this classic style for a retro look. Big glasses in different shapes, especially the bold round ones is a perfect style to go for. The best thing is that you do not need to add any other accessory furthermore as it will single handedly lift up the look.

Graphic print bags– Prints are a big thing nowadays, and is preferred over embroidery too because its easy to maintain. Stock some nice graphic print bags in your wardrobe for a kitschy and modern look. They lift up the spirit of any plain dress by providing an eye catching contrast to the outfit.

Bold sandals– Bold and big sandals, like with a high sole, or with bold and multiple straps are in trend. So make the most of it.

Embroidered Footwear– If you were thinking of what to do with your embroidered footwear, than the good news is that you can take them off your shelves and use them as this is the best time to flaunt them.

Hair accessories– This is the most evident trend of this time, as we can see it from films to street. And there are many options available for crown band to bun clip, braid string etc. Choose the right one according to the occassion for yourself.

White handbag– Though its difficult to maintain, but nothing beats the class of a pure leather classic white bag.

Transparent is good– Material like transparent plastic and PVC are in too. A clutch, a pair of earring, or a choker like in the picture are easily available. Transparent heels are very much in fashion, so do not forget to have one for yourself too.

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