Flaunt Boho Turquoise Jewelery Peices Like This

Turquoise is a universal stone, which is loved by all jewelry loving people. All the die hard fans of this antique, boho piece know, that even diamonds cannot create the effect which these pieces have. Here are few styles which can be explored….

Chain Ring Bracelet– Wear it like a finger ring bracelet. It goes well with most of the materials like brass and silver. A simple yet catchy piece of jewelry.

Chunky Chain Bracelet– A chunky broad chain in shiny finish and a big stone, is a piece which can be easily matched with most of your dress. Try to wear it with single colors for the perfect match.

Combining Bracelets– So you love your turquoise pieces and have more than one, and cannot decide which one to wear today. Well the good news is that you can wear all at the same time. You can also match it up with your leather straps and other leather accessories for a boho look.

Use Bracelet for Hair Bun– We loved this style, a great way to use your bracelet as a hair accessory. You cannot match your hair cuff to your jewelry in a better possible way than this one.

Combine it with Silver– Mix and match jewelry made of different materials. You can team up plain silver jewelry with the Turquoise ones. They look super stylish and are high on style quotient.

Combining different fingerings– Stack rings are very popular, and they look all good on your fingers. A stylist favorites, you can mix and match your Turquoise rings with other stack rings for the best style.

Combine it with Heena or a Temporary Tattoo– Preparing for a party and want to look different, then this is a stylish idea to flaunt your quirky jewelry pieces and matching it up with a similar Heena design or a temporary Tattoo in glitter.

Arm Cuff– You can easily team this piece of jewelry with most of your garments, whether its ethnic or western they go with everything.

Anklet– Hitting a beach, or attending a house party, its a beautiful piece to flaunt if you want to wear something different.

2 thoughts on “Flaunt Boho Turquoise Jewelery Peices Like This

    1. Dear Maria,

      We don’t sell these pieces but you can go through websites like Etsy.com, Jaypore.com, Tjori.com to find something similar to these.

      Nós não vendemos essas peças, mas você pode ir através de sites como Etsy.com, Jaypore.com, Tjori.com para encontrar algo semelhante a estes.

      Team WERINDIA.

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