Must Have Neck Pieces For Your Wardrobe

Neck pieces have a very special place in the world of accessories. Those chunky, funky, sober, traditional, modern pieces can single handedly pep up your look. Mix and match them with your garments and there is no rule, that you have to match your traditional pieces with traditional garments only and vice versa. Here are few basic styles which you must have in your wardrobe…..

Metallic Chocker– A chocker is always a good option to wear as it goes with almost most of the styles. But a plain metallic chocker is the best to choose from. A single chunky piece makes you stand out with its uniqueness. You can choose between brass or silver, both are useful.

Multi layered Chain Neckpiece– A piece like this is a must have as it covers most of your torso. Best to be worn over plain colors to make them stand out. It is one of the best option for office wear too.

Silver Neckpiece– A chunky statement piece in sterling silver is a great way to wear a traditional vintage design. A short length peice can be worn with different outfits and will add a rustic, age-old  and vintage look to the styling.

Pearl strands– A women’s favorite pearl strands. Every women looks amazing and beautiful in pearls. Its a must must have as they will go with everything which you have to dress up. If you cannot decide on a certain jewelry ,then go for pearls, they will never put you down.

Floral Neckpiece– Must have for girls, who like to wear dresses and maxi’s. Are you heading for a beach vacation. Have them as they add to the feminine side of you.

Multi layered short– A short multilayered to be worn with short necklines if you do not want it to be too long.

Stones Neckpiece– A basic short neckpeice with jerkin or stones forming a design or a pattern. It can be smartly worn with dresses or, use it with shirts under your collar as a under collar jewelry.

Tassel Neckpiece– A long, multi string thin design is a good option to choose from long neckpeices. They look modern and stylish.

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