Jazz Up The Saree Look

Wearing a saree gives a very trendy look and is one of the sexiest garment till date. Gone are the days when wearing a saree was considered suitable only for weddings and parties. The new age stylist and designers are experimenting a lot with the six yard drape and even the young girls are wearing it with elan. Here are few style tips to wear your saree for a contemporary twist…..

Saree with Belt– Add a contemporary look to your saree by adding up a sling belt at your waist. It will not only add elegance to your look but also keep the palla of the saree at place, so you do not have to keep resenting the pleats of the saree.


Double Broach– This style is gaining popularity for its uniqueness. Unlike the normal single broach which was just pinned over the pleats, this style gives you freedom to use it on both the sides keeping the palla intact from both the sides. It also adds up a glam look with the additional connecting chain patterns.


Antique oxydised necklace– A striking piece of necklace can make you stand out in crowd. Wear your jewel piece with simple digital print saree for a touch of royalty.


The Shoulder Waist Belt– This unique concept forms a belt like design running from shoulder and comes till the waist and again goes around at the back too. You can create this look with the long pearl necklace too if you have one with multi strings. Just pin the ends to the shoulder and pass it under your opposite arm, one end sits at your waist like in the picture below.


Flower Power– Mix and match your style with a flower on your bun, or just pin them up over loose hair. They never go wrong with any outfit and adds a freshness to the look.

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