Saree Styles – A Modern Twist to Follow

Saree is considered as one of the most sexiest apparel in the world. This six yard piece never fails to impress in any form. But with the change in fashion there have been some modern twist to this traditional style too. Here are few styles which you can try…..

Pleated Palla Style– You can pleat the Palla cleanly and place the inner border inside with just one border facing outwards visible.


Belt Style– Team a Swarovski or a jerkin belt with a draped saree. Wear it below the blouse like a yoke, or at the waist.


Corset Saree– Wear a corset over your saree and take the pall from inside. It is a very contemporary way to style your saree. If you do not wish to wear it at the top, get a corset blouse stitched to wear with your normal saree.


Embellished Palla– A new and contemporary look, can be tried for a party wear. Its a no fabric pall where it is created by embellished items like beads, pearls, pipes and strings.


Seedha Palla Style– Wear your palla in this style, take the palla from back and pleat it downwards on your shoulder.


Knotted Palla Style– You can get a saree customized in this style where the upper portion of the pall will be cut and knotted like a plaid.


Waistcoat and Saree– Combine a simple saree with a contrast embroidered jacket for a striking ethnic look with a contemporary twist.


Saree & Long Jacket– Team up your designer sarees with embroidered Long jackets. This style is good especially for winters, as you can use heavy fabrics like Brocade or a Velvet for jackets, they will keep you warm and you will be able to wear a saree in winter too.


Saree and Cape Style– The latest in fashion, it is a very good way to give saree a contemporary twist.

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