4 Style Tips To Steal From Shilpa Shetty If You Are Considering Wearing A long Blouse With A Saree

If you are an avid saree lover then you might always be looking out for new blouse designs and silhouettes. And though there are so many design options to choose from, but there are times when you want to try long length blouses specifically. And gone are the days when a long length blouse was seen as a old world fashion, infact now you can try a long length blouse in so many different styles and how you drape a saree with it brings in a totally new look to this traditional wear. So here are a few style inspiration to pick from diva Shilpa Shetty…….

Sleeveless style– A sleeveless long length blouse would look alluring with a nicely draped saree. Make sure that your palla is pleated neatly and amicably and tucked on the shoulder. Same color blouse and saree will make you look longer, so do try it. Accessorize your look by wearing a same color belt and contrast earrings.

Go with a peplum jacket– A matching peplum jacket goes effortlessly with a printed saree. You can also drape the saree palla in style where the palla is draped over the jacket in an open style. You can either pleat the palla on the shoulder, or keep it open just like in the picture.

Drape it like a skirt– You can also drape the saree like a skirt where the saree is draped in the similar way as you normally do. The only difference is that instead of draping the palla on one shoulder you have to take the palla back and drape it loosely on one hand. This drape is great to try when you have an embroidered or a textured blouse which you want to show off.

Half drape– A matching satin skirt can be worn underneath your silk sari when you want to drape it the half half way like this. And don’t confuse the skirt with an underskirt which we generally wear under a saree.

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