Back Necklines for Blouses

While deciding the cut of the blouse, the first and the most important thing to decide on is the neckline. It is the basic of a good blouse. You must choose necklines according to the fabric, the things to look are printed pattern or embroidery on that fabric, as these are the key elements to decide on which design to choose from. But nowadays back necklines are more in fashion then concentrating on the front ones. Everyone wants a nice back design for their blouses, as they are more visible in comparison to the front necklines.  Here are few designs to look forward to….

Round Neck– A simple round neck never fails to impress with its simple, sophisticated look.

V neck– A deep V neckline looks good with a back opening. You can try buttons and loops too for a fancy look, or just take show buttons.

Closed Back Neck– An interesting, traditional 80’s style which is again back in fashion. You can take a high neck in round or even boat neck. Add interesting buttons at the opening is an interesting addition.

Closed Round Matka– This neckline can be fastened at the tip with the single button, if its back open. It goes well with Indian outfits.

Cutwork Square Neckline– It is an appealing design for embroidered blouses. You can plan your embroidery in this way that it cuts out to be in this style. You can also plan cutwork with other necklines.

Inverted Glass With Fabric detail– This style can be used if you want to go a little different on cut. A sheer back can be complimented with fabric tapes or ribbons.

Bold Sweetheart Neck–  An angles neckline with sharp cut can be complimented with a broach at the center back. You can also take the shoulder panels in contrast fabric or with a matching lace.

Closed Matka Neckline With high upper– It is a Traditional yet very stylish cut which will never go wrong with traditional stuff. You can add Doris and Tassels in eye catching pattern too.

Striped Matka Neck– It is a variation of the simple Matka style, but with striped lace inserts, you can also use contrast fabric instead lace. A sheer sleeve is an addition to the look.

Diamond Neck– You can either have Tassels hanging down or just fasten it with a single button at the top.

Keyhole Neckline– A simple, elegant neckline for the people who love minimalism.

Elongated Keyhole Style– This style can be tried with or without a collar. It is fastened at the top and bottom with buttons.

Criss Cross Pattern– A sweet pattern which reminds us of the earlier Criss Cross tie up patterns.

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