4 Ways To Look Chic While Wearing A Velvet Saree In Winters

When in comes to wearing a saree in winters the only thing which comes to mind is either a heavy silk saree or a nice velvet one. While silk is evergreen but it is also a bit traditional, on the other hand velvet saree’s look a bit contemporary in that sense. So if you are trying to achieve a look which is a bit modern and not so heavy or gaudy then opting for a velvet saree is the best choice. Here are a few ways to make your plain velvet saree look more gorgeous this season….

All embroidered blouse– The best way to beat the cold days is to wear a full sleeves blouse. Use a matching color for the blouse and if possible the same fabric as well to complete the set. Needless to say that an all embroidered blouse will look truly gorgeous with a plain velvet saree.

Accessorize with a belt– You can also use an embellished or an embroidered belt in a same color to accentuate the waist line. Its a great idea to add a texture to your plain saree. With the belt on you can also play with the drape of the saree palla. For example you can pull the palla from the back on your shoulders and tuck it at the front under the belt just like a shawl.

Wear heavy neckpiece– If you are wearing a plain blouse along with a plain saree then don’t forget to accessorize correctly. You can wear a heavy chocker set in the same color to match the entire look. Keep the makeup minimal in this case as a loud makeup with solid and sharp colors would be a disaster.

Blingy blouse– How about adding a retro blingy look to your attire. Well a velevet saree will look geougeous when paired with a sequence blouse.

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