12 Footwear Styles Which Every Woman Should Have

Footwear is as important as the clothing and to choose a right footwear for any outfit makes a whole lot of difference. Here are 12 basic footwear styles which every women should have…..

Ballet Flats– They come with different variations like with slight heels or with the tie up details but the classic ones like the simple flat ones are the best. They are super comfortable and something which your feet will thank you for. If you have a super hectic day ahead then choose for these without giving a second thought.

Flip Flops– This is a must have footwear for summers and especially when you are traveling to warmer and hot places. It is also a perfect choice for the beaches and is a fuss free footwear as you can wash them instantly. And if you dont like the plain ones then many fancy styles are available.

Thong sandals– These are perfect summer sandals which will give your feet the much needed space and opportunity to breathe. You can choose the one with the ankle length style or the one with the side closures. Or the easy slip-ons are great too.

Kitten heels– For those times when you dont want to wear flats anymore but do not even wish to wear tall heels. This short heel style varies from 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches and are perfect for work-wear.

Black Pumps– The pointed or the round ones the choice is upto you, but one thing is for sure these sexy pair of heels will definitely make you look gorgeous. And if pointed heels doesn’t suit you then block heels is always a best bet.

Nude piecesNude styles are must have pieces, especially because they are so in nowadays. They also balance out the entire look of the garment but you should be smart enough to figure out as how and with which outfit to wear them.

Peep toe– This heel style make a good option for summers.

Wedges and block heels– These comfortable heel styles are something to bank upon if you are not a fan of pointed heels but so wish to wear them.

White sneakers– Nothing can beat the look of white sneakers, they look so cool and needless to say that are super comfortable to wear.

Oxford shoesOxford shoe style is characterized by shoelace eyelets tabs that are attached under the vamp, a feature termed “closed lacing” and is a perfect workwear style.

Loafers– Casual slip on shoe style which is absolutely a smart pick.

Boots– Your winter attire is incomplete without putting the boots on. Be it ankle length, knee length or the thigh high boots, its an absolute must for the winters.

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