Footwear Trends Which Will Rule The Fashion World In 2020

Change in season calls for a change in wardrobe too, and the same goes for your footwear collection. But if you are an avid trend follower then here are a few footwear styles which will rule the fashion scene in 2020, so you can plan your footwear purchases accordingly…..

Mary Janes– This classic strappy footwear is making a comeback and you get them in different styles like in flats, heels and even in platform types.

Loafers– Loafers look chic and give a very formal look. And though flats are still in fashion, but the ones with heels will be the highlight of 2020.

Platform heels– If regular heels hurt you, then platform heels is one of the best thing to add a few inches to your height.

Toe loop sandals– A perfect thing to beat the heat in style.

Chain accents– Footwear with chain details in any form will definitely rule the streets in 2020.

Bow– This ultra feminine detail never fails to impress with its charm and is therefore here to stay for some more time.

Tie up details– Tie up details are great to wear when you want to feel sexy.

Square toes– Square toe footwear is really in fashion right now, so you can definitely plan to have atleast one footwear in this style for the season.

Slanted heels– Slanted heels is another trend which one must try this year.

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