7 Must Have Footwear Styles For Winters

Your outfits change for winters and so does your footwear. Here are a few basic must have footwear styles which you should have for winters….

Fur lined boots or Ugg boots– Now this is a must have footwear for those extra cold days where you have to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Ugg boots are very popular for this purpose, but you can also get any other fur lined boots to serve the purpose.

Chelsea boots– These boots go perfectly with formal wear and is a great work wear footwear. Pair them with leg warmers for extra comfort and warmth.

Sneakers– Sneakers are an absolute must have for wardrobe. If you want to relax your feet then this is the footwear to go for. Plus wearing sneakers have become quite trendy and fashionable. And irrespective of what you wear, the trend says that you can match them with almost anything which also includes bridal wear too.

Oxford shoes– Another footwear style which is super cool and comfortable for winter dressing.

Knee length boots– A boot style which is a must have on this list. A knee length boot saves you from cold and also looks super stylish. Plus you can easily wear them with winter dresses and skirts to keep yourself warm.

Platform heels– Sneakers and loafers with platform heels are a blessing for short heighted girls who want to add a few inches to their height.

Loafers– Loafers with heels or flat will always make you look chic and you can wear them with formals as well as casuals.

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