5 Flat Footwear Styles For A Comfortable Summer

Summers pushes us to do a lot of changes in our wardrobe, be it our clothes or accessories or even our footwear. Everything needs to be changed to make the heat more bearable.

And therefore like clothes even our footwear needs a lot of attention.

A happy feet can really make a lot of difference in comforting you and here are few designs which are pretty perfect for summers, so get them and beat the heat in style.

Flip Flops-Nothing like wearing a pair of comfortable flip flop in summers.

They ensure that your feet remain comfortable and sweat free and are available in variety of bright colors and designs which are apt for summers.

You can easily pair them with casuals. How to make your own cool pair, watch the DIY video here.

Back open Flat sandals– Sandals are another great thing for summers and when you cannot wear flip flops you can easily replace them with sandals like these. Choose bright colored floral patterned sandals for casual wear and others in subtle colors for semi formals which you can easily wear to your workplace.

Kolhapuri Chappal– This traditional Indian footwear is something which every girl and women should have in their collection. Not only that it comes with so much variety in designs but it also goes well with the Indian as well as the western wear.

Bracelet style sandals– The band style which sits somewhere near to the ankle is a perfect pick for summers. It has less coverage on the foot area and therefore ensures less sweat, while keeping the footwear fastened with the band on the ankles.

Tassel Style– Beat the heat in style with these sexy pair in Tassel and pom pom style. These colorful styles will add a perfect dose of colors and a Bohemian feel much needed for summers.

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