Foot Care Regime For Summers

Foot Care Regime For Summers

Foot care is an important part of personal care regime. And when it comes to summers , you have to be more cautious of how you treat your foot as summers attract a lot of dirt and sweat. Here are a few steps to look out for healthy feet in summers…..

Exfoliate– Depending on your daily routine and skin, exfoliate or scrub your feet at-least once a week. Doing so will remove the dead skin cells and will help in maintaining hygiene and improving skin texture. Dead and dull looking skin can get an instant glow by using a scrub, as it removes the outer layer of dirt and dead skin cells and allows skin to breathe properly. You can also make scrub at home with sugar and lemon for best results.

Use a pumice stone– You will easily find a pumice stone or a foot brush or a combination of both in market ,which is actually very very helpful in foot care regime. You can hang it near to the shower area and use it when you have taken the shower and the skin is still damp. Gently rub it all over the feet to get rid of the dust particles and the flaky skin.

Moisturize properly– Before going to bed wash your feet thoroughly with a mild foot cleanser or a normal soap. Take help of a foot brush to clean out the feet properly and thereafter apply a good foot moisturizer. Do this when you are already on bed, and do not have to step down further. You can replace moisturizer with natural oil like coconut oil, but remember not to stain your bedsheet with the use of excessive oil. You can also massage your feet with coconut oil and then use a damp cloth to get rid of the excess oil.

Pedicure– Indulging in a good pedicure spa is very very necessary for foot health, especially during summers when feet are more prone to attract dirt. A good pedicure massage will clean and nourish the feet at the same time.

Wear open footwear– Summers gives you ample of options to explore from different open sandals. Wearing open sandals will enable your feet to breathe nicely and will also remain sweat free for a long time. Sweat attracts fungus built up and foul smell, so in order to prevent yourself from these things its better to wear something more breathable.

Use sunscreen– Do not forget to use sunscreen on your feet, it is very very important to protect your feet from harmful UV rays.

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