7 Ways To Rock A White Trouser Look In Summers

It’s already summers here and its time to welcome the coolest of all the colors, the white color. Well some also say that white is not a color, but it is absence of color. Now if you own a white trouser or are planning to buy one, then this is how you can wear it….

The all white look– Though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to pull an all white outfit but look at this, this picture speaks about grace and charm in volumes. A well fitted white trouser can be worn with a white crop top along with a matching sling bag. To play it subtle, you can go for transparent heels. But a footwear in pastel and striking shades will look equally good with this look.

Crisp white shirt– Go a little flirty with the classic white shirt. Tie it at the front and wear it along with a white trouser.

Use a striped box top– A Box top is one of the most comfortable silhouette for summers. A top like this with black checks will go perfectly with a white trousers.

Wear it with a kurti– Kurti or kaftan, well use it with almost anything.

White and beige– Do try this combination, beige and shades of brown go very well with white color. You can never go wrong with this combination.

Turtle neck T-shirt– A pastel shade turtle neck T-shirt is great for a formal look. You can also club this look with a floral summer scarf.

Choose the right accessories– A plain round neck T-shirt worn with a white trouser can get an instant makeover by adding a broad but subtle belt at the waist.

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