The Mismatched Footwear Trend To Watch Out For

Mismatched shoe trend has emerged as one of the most loved thing of the season. And no its not bizarre idea to try it, as you can make it look really cool and fashionable when you wear it carefully. Here are a few inspirational ideas to try them….

Go for simple experiments– If you want to play with the contrasts softly, then use simple and strapy designs like this which do not have much of a area to show off. Secondly, the concept of positive and negative color theory work perfectly rather than going for strikingly different shades.

Just remember that when you wear this trend do not overdo your dressing, otherwise everything will just merge into each other and will look confusing. Wear neat silhouettes with single color dressing to make your footwear stand out.

Play with silver and gold– And if you are not too sure of solid colors, then playing with muted silver and gold combination is also a great way to get into this trend without worrying too much. And you can definitely add a color to one of your footwear if you want to stand out.

Take colors from your attire– To make things more in sync, you can keep a pair of heels ready like this. Research the shade of the denim you have the most in your wardrobe, and get the same color heels ready for the times when you will be wearing denims.

Mismatch prints– You can also invest in different prints instead of going for plain solid contrast colors.

Sneakers– An absolute must have style in every wardrobe, the sneakers can be worn in contrasts too. And if you think that this trend is just for the females, then have a look at the pictures below where men are carrying this trend flawlessly…

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