5 Designer blouses which can be done in a jeweled way

Designer blouse pieces make your saree’s look special. But its not just about the simple tassels and doori tie ups, well there is so much you can add to the design of your blouse. Here are some amazing way to add a little jeweled look to the back of the blouse…

A ring– A small circle ring is perfect to fasten the back. It can be considered as an option for your backless blouse, and ensures a little coverage at the same time.

Belted style– You can also take help of a chunky buckle to finish the back of the blouse. It gives a nice modern touch to the blouse.

Broach– Small or a big one, well the size of the broach is your pick. You can choose a shape which best goes with your attire, and it will give a nice jeweled look to your blouse.

Small Jhumkas– The one which you use for tassels, or any other latkan in general would give the back of the blouse a perfect traditional look.

Chain– You can choose the design and the width of the chain according to the design of the blouse. The chain will give a nice jeweled look to the blouse.

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