6 Back Neckline Designs For Blouses With Zig Zag Doori

If you love a lot of doori’s on your blouse then take a look at these some very interesting pictures. Doori’s can be incorporated in a neckline in many ways, but a zig zag style doori where a single doori string is used along with loops takes us back to the 80’s and 90’s Bollywood age where this style was used extensively. Here are a few styles to watch out for…..

Round neck– A regular round back neck will look more stylish if you add multiple doori’s to the design. To make the doori more visible and for a much cleaner design you can use a single doori to create this pattern and use latkans or tassels only at the ends.

U neck– You can also add much grace to a simple U neck blouse by using multiple doori’s at the back. This is one design element which you must try with plain saree blouse style.

Matka neck– Give plain matka neckline a hint of style by adding zig zag doori’s at the upper back design.

Glass neckline– A glass neckline is not so common when it comes to selecting a neckline for a blouse as what to pair it with is a bit difficult. But pairing this style with doori like this is just perfect.

Broad loops– Do give this design a try incase if you like broad and bold design element.

Backless– This one is a great option for those who are eyeing on a backless blouse design. The amount of coverage you want at the back can be altered according to your wish.

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