6 Must Have Waterproof Accessories For Monsoon

Monsoon is already here but do you know that with the changing season you should also change your wardrobe. Well you don’t have to change your wardrobe fully, just make a few adjustments and you will be all ready to enjoy the monsoon to the fullest…

Invest in PVC or water resistant footwear– Well this is not a right time to flaunt your expensive leather and canvas shoes, and if you do so then you will end up spoiling them. Therefore invest in bright colored PVC sandals and other water resistant footwear which are easily washable and they also dry quickly.

Wear Water proof watch– Pack your regular watches for some time as rain water can really spoil them incase if you get drenched in rain. Infact buy a water proof watch as a replacement which you can easily wear in rain and also while swimming.

Buy it here- https://www.amazon.com/DWG-Fashion-Silicone-Waterproof-Comfortable/dp/B06XKZR85K

Buy Gum boots– And no they are not workers boots, nor it is meant to use only in snow. Gum boots are really helpful in monsoon season, especially when you do not want to spoil your pedicure. And in general too they protect your feet like no other footwear in this season. They come in different design and colors, pick up a bright color for yourself so that you make the heads turn.

Layer with a Waterproof jacket– A long length waterproof jacket or a trench coat, preferably in bright colors would be a good invest for the days when its pouring heavily and you still have to step out in rain. It will prevent your attire from getting wet and will also make you look super stylish at the same time.

Use an umbrella– Its the time of the season when bright color umbrella’s should be seen on the roads. So don’t shy away from using them, infact its a must have fashion accessory for the monsoon season. Buy a bright color umbrella with interesting patterns and you are all set to go.

Buy it here- https://www.amazon.in/CrazyInk-Umbrella-Poster-18×12-inch-Multicolour/dp/B06XSR5T5D?tag=googinhydr18418-21

Get a water resistant handbag– Give your regular handbag a break for some time and replace it with a water resistant one. Later, you will thank us for this tip.

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